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Top Performing Mutual Funds
Scheme Name 1 Year Return(%) 3 Years Return(%) 5 Years Return(%)
31.75 32.89 19.63
15.97 28.79 26.04
26.06 27.05 21.91
27.0 24.09 17.43
23.59 23.54 19.6
Top Performing Systematic Investment Plan
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value 5 Years Return(%)
180000 358425.18 28.83
180000 346468.88 27.36
180000 327079.45 24.88
180000 308128.38 22.33
180000 307555.82 22.25
Top Mutual Funds in India - Lump sum returns
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value 5 Years Return(%)
10000 13247.26 32.47
10000 13174.77 31.75
10000 13079.88 30.8
10000 12952.59 29.53
10000 12700.12 27.0

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We help you select the right mutual funds suiting you risk profile and the investment horizon so that you can achieve your long term goals.

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Insurance is most important for protecting financial future of your family. We help you take the adequate life cover by suggesting the right plan.

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Though there are many tax savings investments but we help you select the best Mutual Fund ELSS plans as it also helps in meeting your life goals.

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There are thousands of mutual fund schemes but we suggest the ones which will suit your risk profile and long term investment objectives.

Mutual Fund Articles

What are Equity Linked Savings Schemes and their benefits

Of the various Tax saving options under Section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961, mutual fund Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) have the maximum wealth creation potential over a long investment...

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SIP in Mutual Fund: Best dates to do mutual fund SIPs

Every day we get numerous queries of multiple natures pertaining to mutual funds in Queries range from questions regarding mutual fund schemes, asset allocation, lump sum or Systematic Investment...

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Investing in large cap funds versus midcap equity mutual funds

Small and midcap equity mutual funds have been very popular with retail investors over the last three years or so. The popularity of small and midcap funds among investors can be ascribed to the performance of...

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Latest News

Quant Mutual Fund launches Quant Commodities Fund

December 08, 2023

The objective of the scheme is to generate long-term capital appreciation by creating a portfolio that is invested predominantly in Equity and Equity related securities of companies engaged in commodity and commodity related sectors. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized. The...

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Samco Mutual Fund launches Samco Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund

December 07, 2023

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate income/long-term capital appreciation by investing in equity, equity derivatives, fixed income instruments and foreign securities. The allocation between equity instruments and fixed income will be managed dynamically so as to provide investors with long term capital appreciation...

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Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund launches Aditya Birla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series UQ: 92 Days

December 07, 2023

The scheme seeks to generate income by investing in a portfolio of fixed income securities maturing on or before the tenure of the scheme. The scheme does not guarantee/indicate any returns. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved. The product is suitable for investors who are...

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Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund launches Motilal Oswal Small Cap Fund

December 05, 2023

To generate capital appreciation by investing predominantly in Small Cap stocks. However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized. This product is suitable for investors who are seeking long term capital growth by investing predominantly in equities and equity related instruments of small...

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